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How to choose baby clothes? What should be paid attention to?

1. The safety of clothing

1. Style safety:

① Easy to put on and take off, no possibility of suffocation.

The baby has a soft body, and the head is relatively large compared to the body, and often needs to change diapers. You can choose a monk cardigan that is easy to put on and take off or a fart shirt with a shoulder button that is not easy to fall off at the neckline.

Kidscool spcae's clothing is made of pure cotton denim sweater, adjustable strap, patchwork design, easy to change diapers, washing process, soft wearing

② There are no dangerous ornaments on the clothes


2. Material safety: 

 Infant's intimate clothing should perform well on issues such as formaldehyde content, pH value, and presence or absence of peculiar smells.

① The harm of formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a toxic substance to the protoplasm of biological cells. It can bind to proteins in the organism, change the structure of proteins, and solidify them. Formaldehyde can cause strong irritation to the human respiratory tract and skin, causing respiratory inflammation and dermatitis. Formaldehyde is the initiator of various allergies to the skin, and it is irritating to the mucous membrane of human skin and may cause cancer.

② The effect of the pH value of the finished clothing on the skin: the state value of the finished clothing on the allowable degree of direct contact with hornworm skin of infants and young children is 4.0-7.5. The surface of human skin is slightly acidic to ensure a permanent balance and prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, the pH value of clothing between slightly acidic and neutral is beneficial to the protection of the human body. If clothing is exposed to strong acid or alkaline conditions, it is not only easily damaged, but also irritates the skin.

In the most critical first three years for children, it is our responsibility as parents to choose safe, comfortable and healthy underwear for our children. It is also a way for us to accompany our children with our heart. When the children grow up in a hurry, we will touch them again. The clothes that those children once wore recalled how happy and practical they were when they were the most innocent moments.


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