About Us

In 2015, we were born.

Who are we?

  • Specializing in kid's jeans, Kidscool Space is dedicated to offering kids around the world with soft,cute and stylish clothing.

  • We pay great attention to the details of the materials, all for the beautiful well-fitting clothes.


About CEO

By selling all kinds of clothes, Liang Rongqun, the founder of Kidscool Space, has accumulated plenty of knowledge and experience in apparel for many years. In2020, he decided to focus on denim clothing for kids from newborns to teenagers.


About Kidscool Space

Officially established on May 19th, 2020 in the United States, Kidscool Space began to focus on the research, development and design of jeans clothing for children of all ages.

In the children’s wear area,our products have been awarded the best-selling brand for many years after selling well on well-known global online shopping websites. Our products are worthy of your continuous support!

Our team has been strictly fulfilling our mission, that is:Grow with love and look cool earlier! We sincerely hope our products can make the children grow up happily and have a better future!

Our goal is to let your child be the center of attention.

Our design philosophy: Grow with love and look cool earlier.

Instagram: @kidscool.space

Facebook: @kidscooldenim


Amazon site: Amazon.com/kidscoolspace

Whatsapp Business:+12695880555